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How we lived ... Weaponry

We are able to offer fully licenced armourers with experience of a range of weapons from medieval to mid-20th Century. We have individuals trained in the use of these weapons who can also be hired, just to ensure that every opportunity is available to meet health and safety criteria.

Samples of what we can offer are:

    • Long Bow
    • Crossbow
    • Re-curve bow
    • Swords and knives of various periods
    • Mace
    • Lance and bills
    • Armour (helmets, vambrace, etc)
    • Medieval cannon
    • Medieval handgonnes
    • Cannon - English Civil War-Napoleonic
    • Flint-lock pistols
    • Bren gun (deactivated)
    • Lanchester (deactivated)
    • Sten gun (deactivated)
    • 2 x 90cm Searchlights from WW2

We also have many original and replica artefacts that are available. Samples are:

    • Medieval tents
    • Medieval encampment
    • Medieval eating and drinking jugs, vessels etc
    • WW1 tent
    • WW1 medical equipment, including medical panniers
    • Bicycles of various periods
    • WW2 tentage and camp
    • Various WW2 military items (eg medical display, helmets, personal equipment)
    • Various WW2 civilian items (eg cooking pots, cutlery, suitcases, personal items)


Contact us to discuss your needs - we are flexible and always happy to work with you.





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