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How we lived ... support historic interpretation and enquiry for all National Curriculum key stages through costumed characters and period artifacts. Although we are based in the South West of England we are happy to visit other areas on request.

The period concerned can be identified in discussion and can be anything from World War 2 back to 1066. We are currently unable to offer interpretation of ancient history, but hope to be able to add this to our portfolio in due course.

We can offer ...

Key Stage 1:

Looking at the way of life of local people

  • Identifying the differences between how people live now and how they have lived in the past (food, housing, work etc)
Looking at the lives of significant people
  • We have a range of characters that can be used, either at local or national level
Past events from the history of Britain
  • Interpreting events which created Britain
  • Identifying social change and how it came about
  • A relevant significant event to be identified in discussion


Key Stage 2:

Local history study
  • Identifying an area of local interest, for example a significant local medieval character
Tudor times and Monarchs
  • Looking at tudor times from the point of view of ordinary people
  • Identifying the reign of Monarchs through their influence on social history, eg Henry VIII and Elizabeth I
Victorian Britain
  • Social change brought about by the industrial revolution
  • Changes in health, welfare and medicine
  • The status of women
1930 onwards
  • Pre-war Britain
  • The social impact of World War 2
  • Make do and mend / rationing
  • The lives of children in WW2, including evacuation


Key Stage 3:

Major features the period 1066 - 1500
  • Crusades
  • Battle of Hastings
  • Magna Carta
  • 100 years war
  • War of the Roses etc
Major features of the period 1500 - 1750
  • Reformation
  • English Civil War
  • Social change
Major features of the period 1750 - WW 2 (individuals, events and developments)
  • Trade
  • Industrialisation
  • Napoleonic era
  • Causes of World War 1
  • The interwar years
  • Impact of World War 2
  • Social change
  • The Cold War

Contact us to discuss your needs - we are flexible and always happy to work with you to develop the interpretation you have in mind.










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