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How we lived ... support historic interpretation and enquiry for all National Curriculum key stages through costumed characters and period artifacts. Although we are based in the South West of England we are happy to visit other areas on request.

The period concerned can be identified in discussion and can be anything from World War 2 back to 1066.

We can offer ...

Key Stage 1:

Changes within living memory

  • Identifying the differences between how people live now and how they have lived in the past (food, housing, work etc)
Events beyond living memory, nationally and globally
  • We have a range of characters that can be used, either at national or global level
Lives of significant individuals
  • We can portray a range of characters to either be or narrate the lives of significant individuals from the past
Significant historical events
  • Local people and places


Key Stage 2:

British History beyond 1066
  • Changing power of monarchs using several case studies
  • Changes in crime and punishment from 1066
  • Changes in leisure and entertainment from 1066
  • We can talk about and illustrate many of the turning points in British history from 1066 to present


Key Stage 3:

Major features the period 1066 - 1508
  • Crusades
  • Battle of Hastings
  • Christendom, the importance of religion and the Crusades
  • the struggle between Church and Crown
  • Magna Carta
  • the English campaigns to conquer Wales and Scotland up to 1314
  • Medieval society, economy and culture
  • the Black Death
  • the Peasants' revolt
  • 100 years war
  • War of the Roses etc
Major features of the period 1509 - 1745
  • English Reformation (Henry VIII - Mary 1)
  • Elizabeth I
  • the first American colony
  • Civil War
  • the Interregnum
  • the Restoration
Major features of the period 1745 - 1901 (ideas, political power, industry and empire)
  • the Enlightenment
  • Slave trade
  • American war of Independence
  • French Revolution/Napoleonic era
  • Britain as the first industrial nation
  • the British Empire
  • Darwin
Major features of the period 1901 - present day
  • Women's Sufferage
  • First World War and Peace Settlement
  • Interwar years and the Great Depression
  • World War 2
  • Holocaust
  • Creation of the Welfare state
  • Post War Britain

Contact us to discuss your needs - we are flexible and always happy to work with you to develop the interpretation you have in mind.










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